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Thanks to all those who came to say hi and meet the coaches at the Information Meeting. If you were not able to attend, that is OK. The sign up period begin on Nov 9th and we will be at the 1912 Center in the Fiske room (same room as the meeting). Starting at 5pm we will be there to accept your paper work and payment, we will also be available to help with the UVAVB registration of your player. The players will also have the chance to vote for this years team socks. And there are usually cookies. If you need the paper work please email the director.

Evolution volleyball is getting ready to form their teams and have sign ups in the coming weeks. For information about the club please click on the Club information tab. We also have an Information Meeting on October 27th at 6:30pm. The meeting will be held in the Fiske Room at the 1912 center which is on the west side of the building. Come and learn about Evolution Volleyball and club volleyball in general. We will have a presentation, a time for your questions and a chance to meet the coaches. We look forward to seeing you there!!


I would like to thank everyone involved for making the 2016 season of Evolution Volleyball a great one. Both of our teams exceeded expectations and the coaches had a great time working with all the girls. All of our players improved their skill level and gained a base of skills to work on during the spring and summer. We had a lot of people who helped out in many capacities and there were even more willing to assist when needed.
Thanks to our Chaperones Shelly Clark and Nate Pope who help fill a USA VB requirement
Thanks to our Food Table coordinators Andrea Broenneke and Elissa Keim who made sure the team had plenty of food during tournaments
Thanks to those that assisted during practices, Nate Pope, Rosie Meyer and Kirsten Wambake. My serving arm would be really sore with out their help
Thanks to the great group of parents who supported their players and cheered them on at our tournaments.
We have great parents and players.

Thanks again and GO P-I-N-K Pink!!

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It's been a great season so far

Posted by Evolution Volleyball at Apr 5, 2016 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

As we enter into the last week of the season we would like to that all of the parents and other family members who helped support Evolution volleyball this season. The players have learned a lot and have had a fun season. Our last tournament is coming up as well as our season ending party details have been emailed out, and look forward to seeing everyone there.

Evolution Volleyball is getting ready to start another AWESOME season. The practice schedule is out as well as the Tournament schedule, now it’s just a waiting game until the first practice. Have a great holiday season!!